One courage, one blessing, one governor. There is no place to look for. It takes no time to come. Fame is more important than reality, while high is less common. The official position is humble and easy to laugh, and the spirit is idle and the field is sparse to money. On the top of the mountain, pines and cypresses are semi ownerless, and there are more bones in the ground than in the earth. Thousands of poems to kill the years, a pot of wine to laugh at heaven and earth. Human feelings are like water, and world affairs are like clouds. Work with people who have courage and courage, and read from wordless places. We must do things in a down-to-earth way, and never try to do things in vain. Regardless of their own honor and shame, dare to drum and shout for the people. It's better to go home and sell sweet potatoes than to be an official. The people in the world are the biggest, and those who lose the hearts of the people lose the world. A lamp can remove darkness for thousands of miles, and an intelligence can eliminate foolishness for thousands of years. A man does not show his ambition, but is born seven feet. A thousand floors of the building are quiet, and there is no right or wrong between the body and the clouds. my clothes grow daily more loose, yet care I not. For you am I thus wasting away in sorrow and pain. Only the eyes will be opened all night long, in return for life without eyebrows. The business of diligence is wasted in frolic, the business of thought is destroyed in following.